Ferries in the marine industry

  • Fuel efficiency monitoring and reporting
  • Checking bunkering operations
  • Meets all legislative requirements

Operating in a competitive market, at low price levels for passengers and any freight, there are incentives for ferry owners to invest in electronic fuel management systems (EFMS), to better monitor and control the fuel and energy efficiency of their ships. Plus, new regulations from the EU and IMO call for fuel and emissions monitoring and reporting. The KROHNE EcoMATE™ system with Coriolis mass flowmeters provides an electronic fuel management and engine performance monitoring system that enables the crew and ship owner to keep track of and report on both fuel consumption and all corresponding emissions. This system also allows separate monitoring of bunkering operations. Consumption, emissions data and bunkering history are accessible from shore office through remote cloud functionality, allowing both the crew and ship owner a complete overview.

KROHNE Global Industry Division Marine

Headquartered in Brevik, Norway, our Global Industry Division Marine handles all marine-related activities within the KROHNE Group. This includes sales and marketing, engineering and system design, research and development, after sales service and spare parts. Our highly knowledgeable team is always up to date with the newest technology, legislation and shipboard installations.

The marine market is a global market without borders. More than 60 years in the marine business mean KROHNE Marine knows what it takes to deliver high-quality products to demanding ship operators and shipyards anywhere in the world. An exclusive network of sales representatives and service agents represent KROHNE Marine in all the main global shipping hubs and shipbuilding countries.

An increasing number of harbor authorities, governments and marine regulations require an ISO 14001 or similar certification. Even when it is not a formal requirement, it is of interest to ship owners and partners how we care for the environment. The benefit for the ship-owner is to show their customers, the communities and shareholders that they focus on using reliable, traceable, sustainable, and future-oriented partners in their operations.

We are therefore happy to announce that KROHNE Marine Norway is certified according to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The certification gives a clear signal that KROHNE is committed to honor its environmental commitments and environmental policy requirements.