Averaging pitot tube with multiple impact-sensing ports

  • Low pressure loss design; from basic to engineered solutions
  • Cryogenic to high temperatures possible (-200…+1000°C / -328…1832°F); max. 160 bar / 2320.1 psi
  • For line sizes from DN50…2000 / 2…80" (larger on request)
  • Material: 1.4404 / 316L



The OPTIBAR PT 2000 is an averaging pitot tube for applications with clean liquids, gases and steam. It is ideally suited for DP flow measurements requiring low pressure drop or cost-effective flow metering in extremely large pipes (up to DN20000 / 800"). Unlike conventional single-point pitot tubes that have the limitation of being a point-velocity device, the OPTIBAR  PT 2000 averaging pitot tube has multiple impact-sensing ports across the pipe diameter and produces an averaged differential pressure square to the flow rate. The averaging pitot tube is available as standard or engineered customer-specific solution. It can be combined with the OPTIBAR DP 7060 differential pressure transmitter to form a complete DP flowmeter.

Product highlights

  • Versatile and cost-effective DP flow element
  • Manufactured in accordance with KROHNE high quality and reliability standards
  • Easy and fast installation without cutting the pipe
  • Different compact and separate versions available
  • Standard or engineered variants for demanding conditions (e.g. high temperatures, large line sizes etc.)
  • Much lower pressure loss than other primary elements (e.g. orifice plates)
  • Uncertainty: <±0.5% (calibrated)

Typical applications

  • For differential pressure flow measurement with OPTIBAR DP 7060 transmitter
  • DP applications with clean liquids, gases and steam requiring a low net pressure loss
  • Retrofitting of existing flow instrumentation without cutting the pipe


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